What we believe in - our core values

Our company can provide 7 * 24 hours hotline service and promise to provide on-site after-sales service 24 hours a day. The company is responsible for the quality of the bidding goods, and the warranty period is one year! And lifelong maintenance. In case of any equipment quality problem during the warranty period, we will repair and replace the equipment with quality problems free of charge. The warranty period will be automatically extended for one year, and we will actively respond to the customer's claims. In case of shutdown due to equipment quality problems, we will repair and replace the equipment with quality problems free of charge, and the warranty period will be recalculated after the quality problems are eliminated and put into operation. Our company can provide professional production documents such as ITP and MPS and accept the whole process supervision of three parties.

Customer focused

Anticipating and researching your wishes and requirements; responding to these and supplying added value.

Quality focused

Setting high standards for the quality of our own and other people's work; constantly aiming for improvement.

Result driven

Focused on setting targets and actively achieving results.


Able to adapt to changing circumstances and where necessary changing our approach or behaviour in order to still attain the intended goal.


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No. 5, Zhenggang Road, Wumaying Industrial Zone, Cangzhou, Hebei, China

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