Coupling Make-up Machine For Casing & Tubing

Coupling make-up machines, mainly used in casing & tubing production factory and threads repairy shop.

Full Length Drifting Machine

The main feature of the oil casing & tubing full-length diameter machine is controlled by PLC procedure, has simple structure ,occupa a small area, more advantages of large pipe diameter, and higher safety factor. The equipment greatly improves the working rhythm, reduces the impact, reduces the noise, can fully adapt to the application of oil pipelines.

Pipe end reducing machine for casing & tubing

Pipe end reducing machine, is a machine used for reduce the pipe end diamaters so as to cut premium threads. the clamping head can apply pressure to the pipe end to compress the pipe port, enables the shrinkage of the pipe end, and during the whole process of the pipe is fixed,no restriction on the shape of the pipe.

TypeZR70-1 Direct wire-wound screen pipe Machine

Directly  wire-wound screen pipe machine is a large mechanical equipment for processing wound screen pipe. With this equipment ,the wire can be directly wounded & welded on the peforated casing. It has the characteristic of high processing accuracy and good welding synchronization.

Type PZ160-1 Row drilling machine

Row drilling machine is a large mechanical equipment to drill holes on oil casing; The PZ160-1 row drill machine can drill casings up to 11.5 m with the hole maximum diameter of 16 mm.

CY16018-1 Automatic stamping production line

CY16018-1 stamping production line is a machine for automatic stamping and forming of coils,which can stamp carbon steel and stainless steel, and the maximum stamping width is ≤ 202mm.
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