Premium Casing & Tubing RTN-60X

RTN-60X adopts an advanced thread geometry design to reduce thread galling: pitch change on coupling thread while pin thread maintain unchanged. This design concept avoids the high initial thread loads experieneed by conventional constant pitch threads.

Premium Casing & Tubing RTH-8T

The unique combination of a metal-to-metal seal and a special relief groove in coupling provides pressure integrity for both internal and external pressure in moderate to heavy wall tubular applications.

Premium Casing & Tubing RTN-14AM

Coupling connection type, the connection strength reaches to or over that of pipe body.

Premium Casing & Tubing RTV-200P

Coupling design: Coupling critical cross sections are greater than those of the pipe body.

Premium Casing RTJ-DTG3

RTJ-DTG3 is suitable for casing in OD above 14 in. RTJ-DTG3 is a coupled connection. The thread is cut directly into the pipe and the coupling. The risks associated with weld-on connectors are eliminated.

Premium Casing & Tubing RTT-3Q

Coupling connection type, the connection strength reaches to or over that of pipe body.

Premium Casing RTT-16H6

Connection is designed with extreme-line thread without coupling.

Cross over

A crossover sub is used to crossover from one connection size to another or as the disposable component used to extend the connection life of a more expensive drill stem member. Cross-over sub is mainly a short sub assembly which is used to enable the connection of two components with differing thread types or sizes.


Couplings are short subassemblies used to enable two components with the same connection and size to be connected. Couplings are also known as loose coupling and spare coupling. 

Pup Joint

Pup joints are non-standard lengths of piping used to adjust the height of full length tubing, or casing strings.
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